Top Reasons That Proves Why Is Spider-Man: Lotus So Controversial

About a month before this fan film came out, a guy named Matt spread the word that the main actor and director were racists.

Matt did this because he was a co-creator for a new project, but the director (Gavin) booted him out. He waited 5–6 years to get the filthy texts to cancel it.

This guy is just as petty as Topher Grace's Eddie Brock and the Flash in reverse. He didn't do anything for 6 years before he got even.

It makes sense that the filmmaker was a scumbag, even though it stinks. Jon Watts congratulated him, but Spider-Man Lotus's director still talked crap.

The director of Spider-Man Lotus said that Jon Watts's movies were garbage, but I bet you that Jon Watts's movies are way better than Spider-Man Lotus.

Overall, Spider-Man Lotus was controversial because both the director and the main actor were racists.

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