Top 7 Films That Have The Absolute Worst Endings

Planet of the Apes

George Taylor (Heston) learns at the film's conclusion that he has spent the entire film on Earth.

Man of Steel

Clark begs Zod to stop, but when he says he won't, Clark kills him. Clark agonizes over killing one of the last of his race and another human.

I Am Legend

Anna broadcasts a message to other survivors at the conclusion. She's with Robert Neville and Ethan. They're going to Vermont, she says.


Lucy, based on Advaitam, has gained Nirvana and is now aware that she's part of a single reality and doesn't require her body.


At the end of the film, he kills Paris in her Florida home and takes over as Malcolm's sole identity.

The Grey

Ottway realizes that he will die, but yet wants to fight. This contrasts with his attempted suicide. Here, he dies fighting rather than surrendering.


In the film's shocking climax, he sends his son to weird alien figures before Earth is destroyed by a solar flare.

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