Top 5 Ways Kenya Moore Spend Her Wealth


Kenya Moore is an American actress, author, model, and entrepreneur.

Net Worth

As of 2022, Kenya Moore’s net worth is calculated to be $800 Thousand.

Lives A Luxurious Life

Moore enjoys shopping and lavishly adorning her residence. She always ensures that she enjoys a luxurious lifestyle.

Kenya Moore’s Closet

Kenya Moore has lots of outfits and jewels. Her closet has many top-brand shoes and high heels.

Kenya Moore’s Home

Kenya Moore is very happy to own a beautiful home in Atlanta. It is said that she paid about $500,000 for her mansion.

Kenya Moore’s Finances

Kenya Moore owes hundreds of thousands in loans and credit card debt, and she has no huge projects lined up.

Kenya Moore’s Cars

Kenya always wants to live a luxurious life. For that reason she owns some expensive cars in her garage.

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