EV Terminology: 7 Tidbits You Must Know


The most important part of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, which let me write this post about EV terminology.


People often use water pressure in plumbing as an example. This is the first thing (Volt) you need to know about charging a battery.


Number of electrons traversing a certain spot per second. A plumbing analogy is often used.


A unit of electrical power, or the amount of work done per second. Watts are calculated by multiplying volts by amps.


Kilowatts appear multiple times. One measures charger power and the other electric motor power.


Electrical vehicle batteries have a capacity measured in kilowatt-hours (much like the capacity of a gas tank is expressed in gallons).


This one is simple, and it refers to the mileage in kilometers that may be traveled on a battery that has been fully charged.

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