Brad Pitt Just Launched His Own Designer Brand

Brad Pitt's extracurricular activities include buying a winery and volunteering. Now, the actor has created his own designer line, God's True Cashmere.

Mr. And Mrs. Smith star started the brand in 2019 with Sat Hari. A year later, the label began selling pieces. Thursday was the brand's Selfridges launch.

In a new Vogue interview, Brad said he worked with Sat because they both love sustainable, delicate fabric.

The brand's showpiece is long-sleeve button-down shirts with jewel buttons. The semi-precious stones on the shirts represent wealth, love, and wisdom.

An unisex hoodie and plaid pants round out the $1,905 and $1,780 cashmere offerings, respectively.

Brad's designer brand has reached a new milestone, but he's also facing legal concerns (and a significant portion of his wealth).

Brad paid a lawsuit brought by Hurricane Katrina victims this month after his company built substandard homes.

The company must pay $20,5 million. Make It Right collaborated with Global Green to fix the faulty work.

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