8 Ways Ariana Grande Spends And Earns Her Wealth

Spends: Luxurious Food

When Ari goes grocery shopping, she opts for a pricey store like Whole Foods.

Earns: Music Releases

Ariana's Honeymoon Tour covered America, Europe, and Asia. The eight-month tour made $40 million in revenue.

Spends: Expensive Fashion

Ariana spends a lot of money on fashion statements, Page Six told that Ariana Grande wore a $2,890 puffer jacket.

Earns: Acting Career

She is a popular actress in America who did many television show and movies. From these, she earns a big amount of money.

Spends: Real Estate

Ariana Grande's $16 million NYC condo purchase in 2018 suggests she spends some of her wealth on real estate.

Earns: Partnership Deals

Ariana fronted Lipsy's 2016 ad campaign and co-designed a 20-piece collection. It increases Ariana's wealth.

Spends: Philanthropy

He's donating $5 million in free counseling to trauma victims for World Mental Health Day.

Earns: Concert Tours

Grande's show earnings aren't disclosed, but she makes a lot of money through ticket and product sales.

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