Rodrigo De Paul Net Worth: How Much Money He Makes From His Football Career?

Football lovers are searching for Rodrigo De Paul net worth on the internet. This topic has become a trending one these days. People constantly search the internet to know the net worth of their favorite players. So today I will give you detailed information about Rodrigo De Paul net worth, salary, age, height, wife, etc through this post.

Rodrigo de Paul net worth


Rodrigo De Paul is a professional football player who plays for Argentina National Football team and La Liga club Atletico Madrid as a midfielder. The full name of Rodrigo is Rodrigo Javier De Paul. In 2022 Paul is playing for Argentina National Football Team in FIFA World Cup 2022. This was the reason for his popularity.

Rodrigo De Paul Net Worth 2022:

Rodrigo is a successful football player. From his childhood, he wanted to be a successful footballer. Paul earns a lot of money from his football career. He also makes money from different endorsement deals. After adding different earnings source, Rodrigo De Paul net worth becomes so much. Rodrigo De Paul Fortune is estimated to be $1 million to $5 million.

NameRodrigo Javier De Paul
Nick NameRodrigo Paul
Date of Birth24th May 1994
ProfessionProfessional football player
Nat worth$2 -$5 million

Rodrigo De Paul Early Life:

Rodrigo was born on 24th May 1994 in Sarandi, Argentina. Now Rodrigo De Paul age is 28 years old. He is the youngest son of three of his parents. In his childhood, he was forced to play as a goalkeeper but he did not like it. Then he switched to his favorite position as a midfielder. In a word, his childhood is surrounded by Football. His childhood love was football for this reason he never talked about his schooling.

Rodrigo De Paul Career:

The youth Rodrigo played as a midfielder in his youth club and performed really well. Until 2013 he did not get any chance to play for any professional team. But Paul did not give up. In 2014 his dream came to reality. He signed a deal of $6.5 million with Valencia.

After that, Rodrigo showed his performance as a midfielder. In 2016, he was transferred to Udinese and started to gain popularity. Paul showed himself to be an exceptional player among the other players at Udinese. And he achieved the highest goal scorer record in this team’s 2018 – 2019 season.

In 2021, he was called up to play for Argentina in Argentina Copa 2021. This season he played his best and gained huge popularity. In the final match, he passed a ball and got the goal. This incident became football history. In the 2022 FIFA World Cup, he also showed a brilliant performance.

Rodrigo De Paul Relationship:

Rodrigo has been dating his soulmate, Camilla Homs, for a long time. Camilla has been his love for a long time. They gave birth to their first child in 2019. It is Rodrigo De Paul’s happy family. But a few days ago, Paul broke up with her, and now he is in a relationship with Argentine singer Tini Stoessel.


Rodrigo De Paul is a successful footballer whose path to success is not so smooth. He faces a lot of distractions but he never gives up. He kept patience until his dream came true. We can learn a lot of things from his life story.

Here I want to give detailed information about Rodrigo De Paul Fortune, Rodrigo De Paul salary and other important details about his life. I think you love this article.  

General FAQ About The Net Worth Of Rodrigo De Paul:

  1. 1. What position does Rodrigo de Paul play?

    Ans: Rodrigo Javier De Paul is a professional footballer who plays as a midfielder.

  2. 2. How old is Rodrigo Paul?

    Ans: Rodrigo De Paul age is 28 years old.

  3. 3. How tall is Rodrigo Paul?

    Ans: Rodrigo De Paul height is 1.8 meters.

  4. 4. How Much is Rodrigo De Paul Worth?

    Ans: Rodrigo De Paul fortune is estimated to be $2 million to $5 million.

  5. 5. Is Rodrigo de Paul married?

    Ans: No, he is in a relationship with Argentine singer Tini Stoessel.


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