Jena Frumes Net Worth 2022: Career, Income, Salary, Assets, Relationship, And More

Jena Frumes Net Worth: A successful celebrity model, entrepreneur and actress is Jenna Froomes. Jenna Froomes was born in Union Beach, New Jersey, of mixed African, French, and Native American ancestry. She is also known for the short film Mango and Guava. She started her career from rock bottom and rose to fame.

NameJena Frumes
DOB21 September 1993
Birth PlaceUnion Beach, New Jersey
ProfessionModelling, entrepreneur and actress
KidsJason King Derulo
Marital statusUnmarried
Net Worth$4 million
Jena Frumes Net Worth
Jena Frumes
Image: Jena Frumes/Instagram

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Jena Frumes Net Worth:

28-year-old Jena Frumes net worth is estimated to be $4 million dollars. She earned most of her money as a model, and actress. Jena Frumes has also earned a lot of money from her endorsements deal. 

She posts various prank videos and makeup videos on YouTube. Jena Frumes has successfully launched her own brand called ‘All Things Jenna’ and has her own fashion website from which she earns a big amount of money. Jena Frumes has an annual income of $40,000.

Jena Frumes Assets:

Jena Frumes have the money needed to live a luxurious life and she had enough of the things she needed to lead a happy life. She had several cars but she did not make them public except one. The car is included below. If she divulges any information about her house and car then we will bring it to you.

Jena Frumes with her car
Image: Jena Frumes/Instagram

Unknown Facts About Jena Frumes:

Jena Frumes Hobbies:Jena Frumes hobbies are travelling and cooking. She also loves to ride sports bike.
Jena Frumes Parents:Mickey Frumes  and Jayne Mansfield are Jena Frumes’ parents.
Jena Frumes Movies:Jena Frumes’ best movies are “She Ball”, “The House Next Door: Meet The Blacks 2”, “Mango & Guava”.
Is Jena Frumes Married:No she is still not married. In 2020 Jena Frumes and Jason Derulo began their relationship and came to end September 2021.
Jena Frumes kids:Jena Frumes has a kid. Her kids name is Jason King Derulo.
Jena Frumes Facts

Jena Frumes Education:

She had no interest in studies since childhood, she wanted to be a model. So she didn’t study very far. Jena Frumes attended North Carolina Central University to complete her higher education.


Jena Frumes wanted to be a model since childhood and his family supported him in this work. She used social media as one of the tools to gain popularity and she would share some of his daily life there. Then she started her modelling career in the glamour industry. She has about 4.8 million followers on social media. Jena appeared on Cannon’s popular TV show ‘Wild N’ Out’ on MTV. In 2015, the ‘Wild N’ Out’ girl star, Brittany Daley, appeared on the show’s baby shower. Jena Frumes has acted in numerous music videos. In 2016, Jenna Froomes also starred in the short film Mango and Guava.


2016- Nick Cannon and Jena Frumes are romantically linked. They are dated just under one year.

Antonio Brown was Jena Frumes ex-boyfriend. Jena Frumes also dated Matt Barnes and Jesse Lingard.

  1. How old is Jena Frumes ?

    Jena Frumes is 28 years old as of 2022.

  2. Where was Jena Frumes born?

    Jena Frumes was born in New Jersey.

  3. What nationality is Jena Frumes?


Bottom Line:

At just 28 years old she has earned $4 million. Jena Frumes didn’t have a lot of money to live a luxurious life but it was enough money to live a happy life. Maybe in the future she will earn much more.

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