Greg Oden Net Worth: How Much Money Did He Make In The NBA?

Greg Oden Net Worth: In the history of NBA Greg Oden Jr. Is a very popular name. The full name of Greg Oden Jr. is Gregory Wayne Oden Jr. but he is popularly known as just Greg Oden. Greg started his professional NBA career in 2007 with the Portland Trail Blazers. From 2007 to 20016 he played for three different teams and achieved a lot of honors in the history of basketball. 

Greg Oden played as an NBA player for a long time, he made a big amount of money. Now he is living a luxurious life. The fans of Greg now search on the internet about Greg Oden Net worth, Greg Oden house, Greg Oden wealth, etc. For this reason in this post I will discuss the net worth of Greg Oden, and how much did Greg Oden make in the NBA, and other important information regarding his life. 

Now let’s take a look at Greg Oden’s career earnings

Greg Oden Net Worth

Greg Oden Net Worth 2023: 

We already know that Greg Oden is a professional basketball player. Now we can assume that the source of wealth comes from his NBA career. But after retirement from basketball, he was hired as a student manager by the Ohio State Buckeyes men’s basketball team. And then Greg was also joined as athlete advisor and director of basketball operations. From these Greg made a huge amount of money. After adding all of these earning sources Greg Oden net worth becomes $16 million

NameGregory Wayne Oden Jr.
Nick NameGreg Oden
Date Of Birth12 January 1988
ProfessionFormer NBA Player
Net Worth$16 Million

Greg Oden House: 

Some years ago in 2017 Greg bought a luxurious mansion for $800000 in Dublin, Ohio. From that time on, people have been searching on the internet about Greg Oden home. People are very interested to know about his house. 

Greg’s house includes four bedrooms, three bathrooms and one half bathroom in a 5,300 square foot area. 

Greg Oden Biography: 

Greg Oden born as Gregory Wayne Oden Jr in Buffalo, New York. When he was nine years old, he moved to Indiana with his family. He completed his schooling from Lawrence North High school and after that he admissioned in Parade’s High school. From his schooling days he was a very good basketball player. Greg started his professional career from his college days. 

Without any doubt Oden had a very impressive college life. In 2007 Oden achieved two things, one was he earned Defensive Player of the Year and another was he reached the National Championship. After spending one year in college, he achieved many things that he always wanted and then this year Oden also announced that he is going to play basketball for the NBA. In one word, the year 2007 really changed the route of his life. 

But his professional career was not so smooth. He had suffered from injury many times. At first Greg was selected by the Portland Trail Blazers but he had to skip the first season for his serious knee injury. After that he played in 2008 for the same team and he did very impressively. 

He played for the Portland Trail Blazers till 2012 and then he signed a one year deal with Miami Heat in 2013. In that season, Miami Heat made it to the NBA finals but unfortunately, Heat lost the match to the San Antonio Spurs. 

After that NBA final match, Oden took two years to retire to train himself for a big comeback. After spending two years in training he signed a $1.2 million deal with the Jiangsu Dragons, which is part of the Chinese Basketball Association. 

Greg Oden now is an athlete advisor and focuses on helping students understand their financial reality. Now Greg Oden age is 34 years and he fully retires from basketball. 

Greg Oden Relationship: 

In 2014, Greg punched his ex-girlfriend in the face after an argument about something, leading to allegations against him.  Two years after this incident in 2016, Oden and his fiance Sabrina Williams aka Sabrina Oden gave birth to a child together. They tied the knot in 2017, the year after giving birth. 

Greg Oden and Sabrina Oden


In this post, I tried to cover detailed information about Greg Oden net worth 2023, his career earnings, professional and personal life, etc. May I wish you love this and if you do you can share this with your friends and family. To know more like this, stay updated with us. 

General FAQ About Greg Oden Fortune:

  1. 1. How much is Greg Oden worth?

    Ans: Greg Oden net worth is estimated to be $16 million.

  2. 2. Is Greg Oden married?

    Ans: Yes, Greg married to her love Sabrina Williams.

  3. 3. How much money did Greg Oden make in the NBA? 

    Ans: From NBA Career, Greg Oden made almost $10 to $15 million.

  4. 4. How old is Greg Oden?

    Ans: Greg oden age is now 34 years.

  5. 5. What is the height of Greg Oden?

    Ans: The height of Greg Oden is 2.13 meter.


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