Better Bedder Net Worth 2022: How Shark Tank Helped This Startup?

Better Bedder Net Worth: Bed Sheet or mattress is a common household name, without them, we can’t even think of sleep or rest. The global mattress market size is almost $33 million. To capture this pretty big market, Judy Cannella Schott And Nita Friloux Gassen bring to the market a new unique mattress named bedder mattress. 

Better Bedder Net Worth

Making the bed every night before going to bed is a very annoying task and Bedder Mattress becomes very attractive to people by doing away with this boring task. The main company name for better bedding sheets is Better Bedder. The Better Bedder sales are increasing day by day of the growing popularity. Now Better Bedder net worth is estimated to be $3 million in 2022. 

Better Bedder Net Worth Growth:

Startup NameBetter Bedder
Better Bedder Ne Worth$3 Million
BusinessBedder Mattress
FounderJudy Cannella Schott And Nita Friloux Gassen
Shark Tank Deal$150,000 For 18%
Asking Deal$150,000 For 10%
Investor NameLori Greiner
Monthly Income$38,000 *Approx

Better Bedder Founders:  

Already we know the founder’s name of the Better Bedder mattress.  Nita and Judy are both mothers who were born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. Both Nita and Judy have advanced degrees in their respective fields; Nita holds a degree in education from the University of Southern Mississippi, and Judy has a doctorate in law from the Loyola University New Orleans College of Law.

While Schott got her start in the workforce as an intern at the Cleveland Barrios Law Firm, Gassen began her professional life as an educator at University Montessori. When the two women started working at Gilsbar Insurance, it is where they first became acquainted with one another.

Nita was subsequently elevated within the company to the position of Divisional Sales Manager. On the other side, Judy was initially brought on board as Director of Professional Liability, but she rose through the ranks to become CEO of Gilsbar.

Better Bedder’s Story:

It looks like a massive headband and has been made specifically for mattresses. It may be found in Mandeville, which is in the state of Louisiana, in the United States. Nita Gassen is the brains behind this product, which was introduced to the market by this company in August of 2018.

When you purchase Better Bedder, you will receive a large headband that wraps around the mattress. If you use it, your bed sheets will neatly fit on your mattress and be held in place at the corner of your mattress. This headband goes all the way around the mattress so that the sheet may be held securely in place.

It is difficult for a lot of individuals to get their beds made in the morning. Even though many people are not slothful by nature, they are prevented from changing their beds due to a variety of factors.

Nita traveled to a number of stores in an effort to discover a solution to this problem; however, she was unsuccessful in her search and was unable to locate anything. She made the decision to address the issue on her own rather than seek aid from other people.

They came up with a large, portable “headband” in a short period of time that was able to keep sheets in an even distribution across a mattress.

Bedding for the home has a big market, but it is also a very cutthroat industry. In this climate, it is extremely difficult for new businesses to get off the ground and succeed. However, this superior bedder is a specialized product that caters to a specific market segment and was developed for a particular objective.

The Better Bedder Shark Tank Deal:

Judy Cannella Schott and Nita Friloux Gassen appeared on the television show “Shark Tank” in order to collect investment capital for their business. The founders requested $150,000 in addition to 10% of the company in exchange for a valuation of $1.5 million.

They were looking for the Sharks’ guidance in the area of marketing to assist them in growing their company. They agreed to a deal with Lori in exchange for 18% of the company’s shares.

Better Bedder After Shark Tank Following the broadcast of the program, the company saw an increase in revenue of $157,000. After that, the investor, Lori, released an infomercial for Better Bedder in which she claimed to have assisted the company in increasing its annual sales from $950,000 to $2 million.

Shark Tank Investors For Better Bedder:

The Better Bedder founders came to Shark tank USA to raise their funds in season 12, episode 15. They made an offer of a 10% stake for just $150000 US dollars for investing in their company. The famous millionaire investor Lori Greiner wanted to invest in their company because the startup is very unique and attractive. But Lari invested $150000 dollar for an 18% stake in this startup. The entrepreneurs decided to go with Lori’s proposal of $150,000 in exchange for an 18% stake due to her prior experience with QVC.

After this deal, Better Bedder sales are continuously increasing. Before this deal, the annual Better Bedder sale is approximately $950,000 and after the deal, it becomes $2 million. Now you can imagine the sales growth of Bedder mattresses. To Increase the Better Bedder net worth, this deal helps a lot to this startup.

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Now you get the idea of how Better Bedder net worth becomes $3 million within 2 or 3 years. The actual growth came when Covid-19 occurred in the world. I think this startup will be the future of the mattress industry. If you like this mattress, you can buy it from

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